Sample Installations

Key Benefits of using LED Video

icon checkmark orange Lifetime - LED last somewhere between 50,000 - 100,000 hours, which translates to 6 - 11 years if used 24/7.
icon checkmark orange Brightness - LEDs can be made with real high brightness, therefore useable in bright daylight conditions. Brightness can be as low a 600 nit/cd m2, are typically around 2000nits and go up to 6000+ nit for real bright conditions.
icon checkmark orange Lightweight - The technology allows for thin products therefore useable in more places and spaces; no throw distances to worry about and easy to handle.
icon checkmark orange Creative - LED Video walls are not tied to a set dimension they allow  for creative and freeform video displays other than your standard rectangular display.
icon checkmark orange Efficiency - LED video panels are becoming very efficient with lower power consumption.
icon checkmark orange Contrast - The new Black Chip SMD’s - diodes packaged in “black sillicone” offers more color contrasts and true blacks.
icon checkmark orange Colors - By means of calibration the color uniformity can be maintained very well over the years.
icon checkmark orange Maintenance - rather than replacing the whole panel just a diode or IM can be replaced.

With this LED Technology we have and can adapt products and create installation mechanics to achieve our customer’s dreams in creative ways and places.  Our clients depend on us to get complicated configurations right the first time, prepare all projects with great detail resulting in images that dazzle in even the brightest daylight.

IC’s displays have become the centerpiece of some of the world’s most exciting architectural installations like projects for Dow Jones, Clinique and DK, Corporations like Horizon Media, Mercedes Benz, ESPN, Paris Theatre, etcetera.