The Custom Shop


    The IC Custom Shop has the extensive resources, expertise, and industry experience needed to make the impossible possible.  We are commited to working with you to develop cutting-edge LED installations in any type, shape, and size you desire. 

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    CONSULTING & PRODUCT SOURCING - Whether you're seeking advice as to which existing product is best suited to your project or you'd like help developing the perfect custom solution, the IC Custom Shop is here to make it happen.  Schedule an appointment to visit our LED LAB to get hands-on access to the products and to more easily understand the various resolutions and treatments possible.

    DESIGN SERVICES - From the earliest stages of the conceptual design process through the presentations of further iterations, prototypes and eventually fine-tuning - the IC Custom Shop is here for you.  Whether you'd like help in bringing your vision to reality, or would like us to take the lead in developing a custom LED solution for you from scratch, we are the team who can get it done.

    ENGINEERING & DRAFTING - Our experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that all the technical details of your project are being managed professionally and efficiently, from initial concepting and site visits to coordination of permits and certificates, custom product development, testing and installation.  For all phases, our drafting team will produce clear and professional documentation, including rigorous CAD drawings of full installations as well as particular mechanical/rigging solutions,  product specifications, and cable diagrams to explain the flow of communications and technical requirements.

    VIDEO CONTENT SUPPORT - The success of any video installation has as much to do with video content as it does with technology, and when you look good, we look good.  From working alongside your designers and consulting on technical optimization, to running tests on different hardware options prior to installation, we are here to make to sure that you have the best possible imagery you can on your installation.

    LOGISTICS, INSTALLATION, & MAINTENANCE - Last but not least, The Custom Shop can coordinate all the staffing and logistical elements involved with getting your custom installation delivered on time, tested and installed properly, and maintained over its lifespan.


    Please explore the other sections of the site for a better understanding of the wide range of possibities available with LED, and of course feel free to contact us any time for more information or to schedule an appointment for a walkthrough at our LED lab.  We look forward to working together soon!  


    - The IC Custom Shop team


  • Designing structures and mechanics to make cubes, cylinders, circles, ribbons, or unique freeform shapes and using a variety of LED products and resolutions you can custom create your design.


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  • By placing various materials in front of LED you can create a very special effect to the display. Glass, plastics, metal, fabrics and scrims all give an LED screen a total different look and feel. Frosted glass can soften the video imagery. Metals can offer an industrial look.  Printed or painted fabric in front of video can create a very unique effect, and even function as a scenic piece when video is turned off.  Diffusion allows you to truly blend the video with its environment. Let the IC Custom Shop show you you the possibilities.


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    Perforated or Mesh Metals

  • LED technology is now integrated into metal, glass, and concrete surfaces allowing it to blend well with its environment. By means of masking with materials you can create different forms and shapes of displays.


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  • With the variety of product it has become easy to build LED products in ceilings, floors, and sculptures. The smaller modules and strips even allow the ability to space the products to your liking.


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  • There is no limit to what can be done with large-scale video installations when combining individual pixels-on-a-string products with custom scenic elements. All manner of 3D forms and organic freeform designs are now possible.  Let your imagination run wild, the IC Custom Shop will be able to make it a reality.



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  • Even more creative freedom is possible when using thin LED strips and smaller square tiles.  Let the IC Custom Shop help you to space them and angle them in various different creative ways.



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  • With a little help from The IC Custom Shop, even simple square panels can be used very creatively. Space them out, set them at different angles, and build them in custom structures to get a unique shaped video display very efficiently.



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